Guaranteed Approval Process

My name is Robert Nowensky, and I am owner and operator of Karz Karz Karz Auto Sales. 

Whether you're a returning customer or a potential new client, I would like to thank-you for taking the time to visit my website. I know I can do the right job to earn and keep your business. 

If you are looking to get a vehicle and need help with finding the funds to do so, you've come to the right place. I have aligned my business with the largest sub-prime lender in Ontario. I have helped many customers get a vehicle when no one else would approve them. Karz Karz Karz and Trend Financial work together to provide financing for anyone that can make their bi-weekly car payments. 

We require all applicants to provide us with the following : 
  1. Proof of income. This can come from many sources:
    a) Job ( paycheque or cash as long as there is proof of income)
    b) Pension
    c) ODSP 
    d) Support payments
    e) Family benefits, for example, family child tax benefit, provincial child care benefit  
  2. Two pieces of ID, for example, a valid Ontario Drivers License, a SIN card, a passport or other official government issues ID. We do not accept Ontario Health Cards as valid ID. 
  3. 90 days worth of banking information
  4. Two most recent pay stubs (if you're working)
  5. A bill that is mailed to you or sent to you online, for example, cell phone, gas, hydro, cable, etc. The bill must not be older than 60  days. 
  6. Five references that have a different addresses than yours. The references can a mix of friends and family members or all  family.  All references MUST reside in Ontario.
  7. The ability to get full coverage for Insurance
  8. The ability to make a minimum deposit of $1000. 
We have had cases where customers were unable to provide one of the above requirements and still got approved! 

All APPROVALS are based on the customers ability to budget bi weekly payments NOT credit.  

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